Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blessings Monday

I know I know... I'm a day late.

I'm counting the blessing of provision. Every now and then we find ourselves scraping the barrell so to speak. The car drained a significant amount of funds and we are slowly trying to rebuild that fund. I'm a coupon-a-holic. I love getting a good deal. I'm as cheap as cheap comes. Who knew that I'd one day be so cheap?! The truth is that I do it for the challenge and also because it is a way to thoughtfully contribute to our home. I'm trying to be wise about our spending and trim the budget where I can. For months I stockpiled things in our pantry and linen closet. I did this to a point where my Handy-Hubby informed me that I was being banned from buying any more cereal, hamburger/chicken helper, deodorant, toothpaste, or air-freshener. Truly I tell you... if it was not free, it was dirt-cheap!!! Periodically I share with the local foodbank. Our church collects items for them and I actually get the hamburger helper specifically for that purpose. (we don't really care for it so much)

I must confess, in recent weeks my cheapy cheap habits have slacked off. Not only have I missed some of the most fantastic bargains... I have not actually gone grocery shopping for say... maybe a month or so, aside from the essential milk and bread. Can you believe that we have not gone wanting? The pantry is still abundant!? There is still a few choices in the freezer?! YES!!!! The Lord has provided for us!!!! We are so blessed with this abundant provision!

I see there are some good deals in this weeks Rite Aid ad. I will probably be hitting there this week. I've got to get back into my routine.

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Marci said...

We too could go for long periods without going to the grocery. One week we only bought bananas. =) I haven't figured out how to grow those here in Ohio yet. Thanks for taking part Jen!!