Saturday, October 04, 2008


We took our car for inspection, dropping it off the night of September 24th. The current inspection runs out September 30th. That day I worked from home, so my Handy Hubby could take my car to work. But it wasn't done the next day. So Amanda and John so graciously let us borrow one of their vehicles. Days go by and still NO CAR!!! What in the world?!!! Apparently there were at least 4 codes of items gone wrong causing it to NOT pass the emissions test that is required. Finally, yesterday they called and said we could pick it up this morning... except there is a catch...

It is STILL not inspected!!!!!! In order to run the tests again, it has to be run through a series of road tests. First we have to turn on the air and rear defrost for one and a half minutes, then turn of the air but leave the defrost on for so long then run it on the highway half-throttle for so many minutes then three-quarter throttle for so many minutes and eventually come to a rolling stop and I don't know what else, but we can't touch the brake the entire time so how the heck can ANYONE actually accomplish this? So we parked it near a major highway and will return later to run the test because all of this has to occur from a cold start. Is anyone as annoyed as I am after reading this? Seriously, how is anyone supposed to be able to do this unless they live on a major highway???? And honestly after they have had the car for over a week now... how far are we in debt? I have asked them twice, but they haven't tallied it up yet. Really... If it might cost more than the car is worth, I would just tell them to forget it. Worst of all, we have to do this formula run with it tonight at midnight and hope we don't mistakenly hit the brake AND if we should possibly get pulled over we are out of inspection and will have to explain this all over again to the authorities. Then we have to take it back to them and let them run the codes again to see if it passes.

We are SO GRATEFUL for Amanda and John's generously letting us use their vehicle. I'm not sure what we would have done without it.

We just keep repeating to ourselves that this car is a provision of the Lord and as such what will be will be. Whatever funds it takes are also the provision of the Lord and we must keep the faith that God will continue to provide. But really... it's hard to keep a positive outlook in this situation. UGH!

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