Saturday, October 04, 2008

Here She Is

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My girl... she's so sweet. We have gone on a few good rides lately, usually a couple hours at a crack. We conquer the hills and endure the aftermath of the recent wind storm. It's fantastic. She's quite the little trooper and so grown up these days. On one of our rides last week we found ourselves in the midst of a LOT of jagger bushes as high as my knees (and I was on her back! Those are HIGH!) Thorn trees greeted us at every turn. Oh the poor thing! We finally found our way around a different way and all was fine and dandy. On another ride we were met by a ferocious dog that actually never barked, but just found that we were intruding upon his territory. The hair stood up along his back as we trodged past him and he reluctantly returned to the heel of his owner upon a stern call. The dog actually caught her by surprise, but once she found that I was not afraid, she put her little head down and continued on as if it had never startled her. We trotted along the edges of fields and on trails that wind through the woods. I'm so delighted with her. I can't wait for our next ride, which reminds me... why am I not on her right now??? Hmmmm... I've gotta go!

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