Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sneak Peak Sunday... Fall Beauties

We were to attend a memorial service for Great Aunt Mary Jane yesterday, but alas another important duty would arise. My friend was out of town and her horse was sick with a temperature of 104 on Thursday and 103.6 on Friday. WOW! So I needed to tend to her before doing anything yesterday morning. I was in luck. The antibiotics we'd been giving her were starting to kick in and her temp was coming down. It was down to 99.5. Yippie!!! So I fed them and left there pleased that all was finally well.

But while I was out that way I figured it to be a perfect opportunity to wipe out my chores at the farm where Penny lives... and we really enjoyed it. What a perfect specimen of a day! As if the sunshine and breeze were not enough... enjoy the beauty of the season that surrounds us! Keith brushed Penny and we both pitched in to clean the stalls and prepare them for the evening.

Greetings! Did you bring treats?!

A glimpse of the Lord's artistry... I love fall!
Dee does NOT look happy. She is cranky!

The leaning tower of I don't know what!
She's such a love-bug.
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