Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sneak Peak Sunday

I was checking the new batteries in my camera when Crystal shot me this cover-girl look... She is forever a delightful pet. She's got such character and attitude and quirks. We just love her.

We live in a neighborhood of townhomes. Our next door neighbor decided to plan a garden this year... in her front yard. She has earned the title "Mid-night Gardner" because she has spent many nights tending her garden into the wee hours of the night. She was a little late getting her vegetables into the ground, but I see she has a nice crop of tomatoes over there and a pumpkin that is still green.... But THIS little number is a sneaky watermelon that crawled over into OUR flowergarden (ignor the weeds) and parked itself along the wall under our living room window. How about them apples... I mean watermelon?! It's really very small and will likely not reach maturity before succumbing to the elements of the season. But hey... Way to go Mid-night Gardner!

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