Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday's Snippets

Today was a relaxing day... it's welcomed after a long week of work and play. Monday I worked long, hard, and late bringing another month's worth of files to fruition at an evening meeting. Tuesday was the usual... try not to work late and get to the barn on time to do the chores. Wednesday I helped with baling hay at the farm. That's the annual chore that I try not to miss out on. Sure it's hot, dusty, dirty work, but the feeling of accomplishment is welcomed when the barn is full. I also squeezed in a night of chores that evening and caught the end of one of Keith's softball games as well. Thursday and Friday were status quo... work and chores at the farm... Except for the dog at the farm getting sprayed by a skunk. That was an ordeal... but Saturday... oh how I love Saturday. I slept in an extra hour. I did some housework. I even took a nap before I went to my Sister's to use her computer. Most of the time I don't miss not having the computer at home, but today I actually needed it.

Keith is preaching at church tomorrow. I'm not sure if you'd call it preaching or just delivering the message. Either way, he's presenting the words that the Lord has laid on his heart to share with His people. Agreeing to do this was a bold step on his part, but the Pastor obviously thought enough of him to ask and that says a lot. I'm so grateful that K is stepping out of his comfort zone on this. It's something that shocked me. It's one of those things that I know he can do, but just never thought he'd be brave enough to do it. I'm delighted in his obedience. I'm sure that the Lord is too... He'll shine thru him tomorrow.

Anyway... that's the snippets of this past week.

Tomorrow we'll worship with friends and family. Then rest a bit before heading over to my Sister's place for an evening birthday party picnic. That reminds me... I need to ask what to bring. I have had a gift for Joyce tucked away for a while, but I need to stop tonight and pick up something for David.

So that's my story...

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