Saturday, June 27, 2009

Speaking of Anniversaries...

As of tomorrow... June 28... my darling Penny will have been home with me for one full year. It's hard to believe. It seemed to go by so fast! I can report that she LOVES being home. She is spoiled so badly! Her sassy attitude is noted by most visitors and her beautiful palomino dapples are so gorgeous this year. I started riding her again late last summer. At first just short trip here and there, but eventually longer more challenging rides. By late fall I was trailering her to beautiful destination rides where the beauty of the season took my breath away. She has become more and more brave all along, and so have I despite the one mishap last fall.

Riding this summer has been a dream. She's way more settled now and seems to enjoy our jaunts. I too am stronger and more confident. Sometimes Keith comes and rides one of the other horses. I'm so grateful to have that resource to share with him. It's been great. We've even gone on a gallop or two... and Keith thinks that is way cool! So riding has been great aside from one more tiny mishap involving a strong trot in a field of high grass where a groundhog caused her to zig when I zagged... oops... I fell down. Thankfully she's not that tall. It buggered up my hand pretty good. The reins literally burned thru my fingers causing a tremendous instant blister. It's all healed now... thankfully. But aside from that I wasn't hurt and neither was she. Imagine that... I've fallen off of her twice... and only twice in her entire life too. Wasn't her fault... stupid groundhog!

So tomorrow is the anniversary of regaining my "Peace of Mind" so to speak. I love her so much and I am very blessed to have been afforded the opportunity to have her again. This was a HUGE answered prayer! Thank the Lord! For he is good!

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