Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Week Away

I'm just getting back from a week away. I really needed it!

We spent a week at Good Evening Ranch in West Virginia. It was relaxing and entirely enjoyable. Keith's Dad, Step-Mom, both sisters with spouses and our nephew all piled into a cabin sleeping 8. We had a hot-tub on the back deck and full run of the ranch including swimming. There were private ponds for fishing, which we took full advantage of. There were horses, llamas, tigers, lions, goats, cattle, horses, camels and even a 3-day old camel. That was very cool! We went horseback riding at Babcock Stables. Our guide was incredibly patient and extremely knowledgable. Of course, Keith and I were the only ones on the ride with much experience. Rob had ridden before, but not like Keith and I. It was beautiful and the ride was lovely. I want to do it again!

On the way home, K and I stopped at a couple of wineries. One was kind of back-woodsy. They were selling moonshine too. We didn't buy any. Then we found a really nice one where I could have spent my entire day! We also stopped to tour an old West Virginia State Asylum... you know for the insane. When we walked up to the desk and was greeted by a strange looking fellow wearing a Marilyn Manson t-shirt, I wondered to myself... what have we got ourselves into. We bought a ticket and as we were waiting I read the sign on one of the doors "Ghost Hunters prohibited in this room." Hmmm... What HAVE we got ourselves into? We only toured the lower level of the facility. It was actually fascinating and quite historical. Some of the building was used in Civil War time too. We found out that there is a show called Ghost Hunters that came and did a show there. The guide could tell that we were more into the historical aspects of the place... not the ghostly aspects... though it did spark some interesting conversation on our trip home.

So Tammy and Rob headed back to California. It was sad to see them go so soon. But Keith and I have kept busy all weekend as well... We helped our friend Andrea move to New Wilmington. Her new place is rather dreamy. She's renting the downstairs of an old house with mahogany woodwork and hardwood floors. It's really quaint. From there we parted company (K and I). I went to the farm to visit my pony... I missed her SO MUCH!!!! And now I'm house-sitting for a friend for a couple of days. By now K is needing some time away from me anyway.

So that sums up my week of vacation thus far... I'm still off for two more days! Stay tuned for more!

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