Thursday, October 08, 2009


I checked into my hotel aka the farm on Tuesday. Any morning when I can set foot outside and be greeted by the sweet sound of my horse is a blessed day. I am so blessed...all week long! She had her shoes pulled today. The bulk of my riding is done for this year. Its hunting season now so our trails are limited.

Its quiet here for the most part, except for my two snoring pals at the moment. One is a chocolate lab and the other a pitbull (a very sweet and rather small one). They both hit the sack before me and YES they are both snoring! The kitty is beside me in bed as I type. He's purring like a Mack truck and kneading against my arm. This would be like heaven for Essie!!!

I miss my HandyHubby who is holding down the fort at home. Maybe ill get to see him tomorrow? He came last night bearing gifts... A new saphire ring. Good job Babe.

Its worth mentioning that I have heard the bear this week. I know they are here but I haven't seen them. I let the dogs out about 5AM Wed AM and I heard a distinct growling in the woods, not too close mind you but close enough to hear and know exactly what it was. I would like to see them, just not up close.

Well, I suppose ill turn in for tonight. G'night all.

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