Saturday, December 26, 2009

Keith's Favorite Gift

We visited the Valentines in the summer. We had stayed out way too late at the cottage and the kids were tired and probably nappless. It was almost 10pm when Gayle asked if she could ride home with us. Her Dad told her "For $5." Her tired whiney reply was "But I don't have $5." Her dad reminds her that she has money from a garage sale to which she replys in true distress "OK, but I was saving that to buy a unicorn!!!!!!" We all had a good laugh and really, writing this story just does not do it justice. I think you really had to be there to get the full effect. So the next day we questioned her about this unicorn that she wants to buy. She wants a white unicorn with a blue mane and a pink tail and a yellow horn and a purple whatever... so specific.

So Keith got her a special unicorn at the glass blowing center. This photo is her opening that gift. Keith feels like such a special uncle for getting her a unicorn. Sadly, the head broke off only minutes later as she was playing with it. We packed it back up in the gift box and her parents said they would try to glue it. The next morning I came into the dining room to find her sitting by her lonesome pearing into the box with such a sad sad look on her face. She was devestated.

I keep meaning to call the glass blowing center to see if they can fix it. So maybe the next time they visit, they could carefully transport the precious unicorn and we will see if we can get it fixed for her.
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