Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sneak Peak Sunday

Well, the last week has been so cluttered with this and that.  I’m not even sure I can recap it all. Nor do I think I should try. 


I’m very much looking forward to continuing the celebration of Christmas with my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and their precious littles this afternoon.  I’ve got a baking dish full of stuffed shells in the oven that we’ll take along to share. 


We also hope to connect with the Zombeck family this evening as we have a little something for them too… he he he! 


Note to self:  need to get batteries!  if you don’t get batteries, there will be no picture taking tonight!



And here’s a little photo that I didn’t get to share months ago.  We celebrated our birthdays in style by dining at a fancy restaurant in Pittsburgh this summer.  Amanda’s b-day is 8-16 and John and mine are 8-17.  We invited Keith by default even though his b-day is in May…. It would not have been the same without him.  It was delightful!


I’ll close with this reminder… Don’t forget to savor the moments of awe, wonder, and marvel at the glorious works of the Lord!!! 

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