Monday, January 18, 2010

Blessings Monday



On this Monday morning I am recounting some blessings…


1) Family.  Some family has come from afar this week to visit.  We celebrated some birthdays.  There has been good food, fun, and company.


2) Work.  Flexibility.  Home computer.  I had a little setback with my shoulder injury on Friday.  My boss let me go home an hour early so I could relax and ice it.  I’m thankful for the home computer with access to my work so I could spend some time catching up on some things from home.  I have the best boss!


3) Sisters.  I had a lovely time sipping wine and laughing with them in the Zombeck’s newly painted and furnished living room.


4) Berries.  I bought a huge bag of frozen berries at Sam’s Club.  It has giant blackberries, red raspberries, and blueberries in it.  I’ve been enjoying them all week long.  I put them in my salad.  I have them frozen with milk and whipped cream.  I have them in a smoothie.  I have them by the handful.  They have little to no sugar on them.  They are good for me being packed with antioxidants.  I love berries! 


5) New Pillows.  We bought new pillows about a week ago.  They are SO nice.  It’s helping me sleep better because I have to prop my arm up in order to avoid the agony of gravity pulling it.  I love our new pillows.


6)  Warmer weather.  It’s above freezing outside.  It feels like a heat wave!  Every season has its purpose, but I admit that I’m tired of snow snow snow.  The warmth is a welcomed treat and we shall enjoy it even more knowing that it will be short-lived.


Do you have some blessings to share?  This forum is hosted over at Down On The Farm

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