Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday’s Savings & Weekly Meal Planning

This week, like last, has panned out a little different than expected.  It’s not my usual routine.  I did not do any grocery shopping this weekend.  We’ll be eating from the pantry and freezer again this week.  Here is the line-up, in no particular order.


1)  Ham slice with potato and vegetable

2)  Beef chili with cheddar cheese and corn muffin

3)  Breakfast night – pancakes with bacon

4)  BBQ pork chop with rice and vegetable

5)  Spaghetti with side salad

6)  Date night eating out with my hubby

7)  Sunday dinner at my parents

…. and if there is a night when I don’t feel like cooking, we still have left over from last week and will likely have some this week too. 


What I need to get to make this happen:

cheddar cheese, bacon, salad dressing.  Cheap cheap cheap!

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