Monday, January 11, 2010

Count Your Blessings Monday


This morning I am counting the blessing of having my Bible and my ladies group friends.  Not everyone in the world has the opportunity to have free and unlimited access to the Holy Bible.  I have several copies and multiple versions.  I have a bible that was given to me as a teen ager.  It has years of notes in it and a small handful of inserts such as notes or photos that are especially dear to me.  I also have a New King James Version that is small enough to fit in my purse, but large enough that I don’t need a magnifying glass to read it.  It also has a very pretty blue leather cover with a flower embroidered on it.  I use this one when I travel or attend Bible study with my lady friends. 


I have a couple groups of lovely ladies that I meet with to dig into the Word.  My group in Butler meets twice each month.  We sip coffee and delve into whatever study we have planned in advance.  This group doesn’t usually use a study guide.  We each read the scripture and do our own investigation of the background and details surrounding it significance.  Interestingly enough, we each generally find ourselves pulled in a particular direction in the midst of it, but usually it’s different for each one of us.  So when we share with the group we get a lot of pertinent perspectives, which is great.  I love my Butler ladies group.  They are die-hards, down to earth, loving, encouraging, and trustworthy sisters in Christ.


I have another group of ladies at my church that I meet with weekly.  We are doing the Living Beyond Yourself study by Beth Moore.  This is the third study that I’ve led there.   It’s a great way to further integrate myself into the church.  Like my Butler group, these ladies are dedicated and genuine sisters in Christ. 


I am so blessed to have the presence of the Word in my life and to be sharing and experiencing it with some close friends.  God is good!


Do you have a blessing to share?  Interested in what other’s have to share about their blessings?  Head over to Down On The Farm to participate. 

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Marci said...

It is great to find people you can study the Word with. A TRUE blessing!!

Thanks for participating Jenny!!