Saturday, January 09, 2010

Saturday’s Savings & Weekly Meal Planning

Well, things didn’t go as planned today.  I had Girls Group this morning and now I’m trying to rush thru my post while Keith is in the shower.  He’s off today, so I’m planning to focus on “us time” instead of coupon clipping and shopping.  My arm doesn’t want to clip coupons anyway.  Or… maybe he’ll help me with that later?  Hmmm.


I do have a few ideas for our meals this week.  I don’t plan each day.  Instead I plan a series of meals and whichever fits into any particular day is what we have.  I only plan 5 days at a time.   We generally eat out one day each week and the 7th day we have leftovers.  Here goes:


1)  Grilled Ham & Cheese with tomato soup.

2)  Stuffed Shells & Salad

3)  Ham slice, potato, & green beans

4) Pancakes & bacon

5) BBQ Pork Chop & mixed vegetables


What I need to get to make this happen:  salad makings & potatoes.  I have everything else in my freezer or pantry.  YAY!!!  So there’s a savings for this week…  I can just get those couple of things and if there are sale items too good to pass up then I’ll get those too.  Saweet!!! 

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