Monday, February 15, 2010

Blessings Monday

Good morning.  I love Mondays.  Why?  Because I like to remind myself and also share with you about how blessed we are.

This morning I am counting the blessing of significant friends.  There are many…  but just to name a few…

My husband whom I love.  Meeting him gave me the desire to improve upon my life in so many ways.  He loves me as I am and for who I am.  He is patient with me in all circumstances.  He works hard to provide for us and I appreciate it.  He is my darling and I adore him.  

My friend Rene’e.  She is one of the most generous persons I know.  We grew up close to each other and have family ties.  She also loves horses and farming.  She helped me get my pony home, something for which I shall be forever grateful. 

My sister, Amanda.  She’s a gem.  As far as siblings go, she’s the one that is closest to me.  She’s always been there for me.  I enjoy her company.  I admire her marriage because theirs is such that one would never question whether or not they adore one another. 

My friend Amy.  She’s my confidant.  She is genuine.  She loves the Lord and always keeps me grounded.  When I have significant life struggles, concerns, or celebrations… I share them with her and she walks along side of me in prayerful support.  She is sweet, patient, and kind.   

There are many more, but I could be typing all day trying to name them all.  If you are my friend… you know it and you know that I have a soft place in my heart for you.  I’m not meaning to leave anyone out, but these 4 individuals have made a very significant impact upon my life in recent years and I am so very grateful for their place in my life.  I AM SO BLESSED!!!!


Care to join the cause of sharing your blessings?  Head over to Down On The Farm and share.  

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