Sunday, February 07, 2010

Selfless Sunday

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Ok – so I wanted to start this and then I completely fell off the wagon for a couple of weeks.  It’s not that I’ve been selfish, but I just lagged in posting things. 


So I’m staying in this Sunday… not venturing out for church or any other reason.  Our county has been declared a “state of emergency.”  That supposed to mean that you don’t go out unless you HAVE to. 


However…I think our work yesterday definitely counts for Selfless Sunday….


We (along with 2 other neighbors) shoveled out the entire driveway for the 6 or more homes who share the driveway.  We were beat, but still went back to help one of the neighbor ladies dig out her car and also the car of the neighbor guy who had been helping shovel but needed a break.  Seriously my heart wanted to shovel all day long, but my gimpy shoulder couldn’t.  Otherwise I might have kept on going.  It felt good to help those around us. 


I kept thinking all day long… wouldn’t it be grand to have a snow plow?  I would have spend the entire day plowing people out.  I don’t want it to make money… I just want to have fun and bless others.  Maybe someday????


Have you done anything selfless this week?  Write a post and comment.  This isn’t to boast, but to simply be deliberate in being self-less. 

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Jemit said...

A good snowblower might be even better than a plow for those lighter snow days..