Sunday, May 16, 2010

Selfless Sunday… just a few chores

A friend, distant cousin, has injured his hand.  He lost part of a finger and coincidentally had to have more of it amputated this week.  He’s a dairy farmer, the brother of my beloved friend Ed who went to Heaven ten years ago this fall.  There’s milking to be done and I’m glad to be able to assist, several times now.  It’s not just about helping someone in need.  I like the cows.  It takes me back 15 years or more, a time when I was milking there regularly.  I have many precious memories with Ed… milking, feeding calves, eating ice cream, and busting a gut laughing!  It’s a life I love.  If I didn’t need to work my regular job… I would simply milk cows. 


While this may be my example for Selfless Sunday, it surely is one of the most enjoyable ones. 

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