Monday, June 07, 2010

Blessings Monday


A few weeks ago, I noticed that the air conditioning in my 2006 Toyota Corolla wasn’t working. I’m all about saving a buck, so I went to the auto parts store and bought a can of the refrigerant to recharge it. Boy was I glad, because otherwise we were going to take the Big Bird (Hubby’s truck) on vacation and that would suck up a lot of gas. As it goes, I was SOOOO glad to have a/c in my car again. I do NOT enjoy the heat and I don’t care to be windblown when I’m going to work. That lasted only a few weeks. It’s blowing hot air again. Oh drat! I wonder how much it will cost to get it fixed? I wonder how hot I will let it get before I am crazy enough to find out? I’m so disappointed.

And thus I am counting the blessing of a/c in general. What would I do without it? Our home is HOT, but we have a/c in the upstairs bedroom. That is where the house is most bearable right now. The coolness of that room reminds me of how blessed we are to enjoy it.

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