Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tuesdays With Jen – My Memoirs

This past week was hot, for me anyway.  When it gets up to 80 degrees plus, I’m miserable, especially when there is no air-conditioning.  The other day I was thinking, reminiscing, about my sweet Gram Ditties.  She lived in an older trailer and for most of it’s time it had NO air conditioning.  She had a couple fans, but nothing that did anything more than move around a bunch of hot air.  It was sweltering in her trailer.  She had her ways of dealing with the heat.  She would put on her “house-coat” which was basically a very light robe of sorts that zipped or snapped up.  She kept glass drinking glasses in her freezer so when you poured a cool drink it was ICE COLD, like a frosted mug.  She’d sip ice water and sit on her swing in the shade of the trees in her backyard.  Why can’t I be so content in this heat?  Maybe I should try frosted glasses of ice-water?  She may have been on to something there!

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