Monday, July 12, 2010

Blessings Monday



This week I’m counting the blessing of having an air conditioner.  There is nothing like being without it in the hottest days of the summer to make you realize what a blessing it is to have one.  In May the A/C in my car stopped working.  My Handy Hubby recharged it himself and it worked like a dream…. for three weeks.  Since then I’ve been such a little worker bee running to and fro that I haven’t had time to get it into the shop to be looked at.  On the very hottest days we had last week the heat took my breath away when I would climb in after work.  Lucky for me the morning was cool enough to not need it on the way to work, but after… oh my goodness! 


Last week I stayed at my friends house.  She doesn’t have A/C in the house.  It was hot upstairs, so most nights I slept downstairs or at least for half of the night until the evening air was bearable.  We have just one air conditioned room in our house, the spare bedroom. When it’s really hot we just hang out or sleep in there.  That works.  At least we have a room to escape to and so do our pets. 


So I’m feeling really blessed to have that one air conditioned room right now.  Thank you God for the comfort of that room.


Do you have a blessing to share?  Marcy of Amazing Graze Farm hosts this.  Please pay her a visit. 

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