Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesdays With Jen – My Memoirs

I was just thinking the other day about social skills.  Does anyone think that I was socially inept as a child, or even now?  A week or so ago we were at a family function talking about a recent trip to downtown Pittsburgh.  My mother shutters at the thought of the big city.  Quite honestly, she put that fear in me long ago, but I have since grown out of it.  Then Mom was talking about her being the youngest child and how she always had to fight for attention or something.  I think that’s what starting this whole topic on my mind lately… the things we do or do not learn as children.  It’s amazing how our childhood plays a part in our adult lives.


I remember being kind of a loner as a child.  I was a middle child.  When the younger children came along I think I felt just sort of forgotten.  A couple of times I might have tried to vie for some attention, but alas I always felt overlooked or discounted.  Maybe that is the root of my independence?  Maybe it was because we lived way down over the hill in a rural area with neighborly friends not very close, thus limiting the usual interaction of children??? 


I didn’t reach out to befriend other children.  I waited for them to approach me.  Why is that?  I’m still kind of like that.  When I meet new people I’m not sure what to say right away.  I usually wait for them to ask all the questions.  My husband will sit on the porch and talk with the neighbors, but I’d rather not.  I like my privacy.  I would be happy living in Timbuktu where the neighbors are not so close.  I don’t seek out social opportunities, but when K does talk me into it, I enjoy it.  (just like visiting the city)


I was telling my lady friends this on Saturday and one of them said that the way I am makes me a very approachable person.   Wow, that was quite a compliment.   So maybe it’s not a bad thing after all?  I do hope that if we ever have children that they are more socially balanced than I.  (or at least better than I perceive myself to be)

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