Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday’s SBavings & Meal Planning

We saved BIG this Saturday because we didn’t do our weekly shopping.  My Sweetie will be traveling this weekend to visit some of his family and there will also be a couple of days this week that we also won’t be eating at home…. sooooooooo  we don’t need much.  As a matter of fact I suspect that there is enough in the freezer and pantry to sustain us for the week.  Yay!


So meal plans???

  • Breakfast night… either pancakes or eggs & bacon
  • Chicken with rice
  • Beef stroganoff with side-salad


We need to revisit our household budget here very soon.  I recently received word that the last 18 months of my student loan payments have doubled.  We’ve been stretching to save and hoping to one day buy our own home.  It kind of feels like this puts a dent in our plans, but it’s almost paid in full, so that keeps us positive.  Any time we can pay off a debt we are delighted.  We’ve been quite successful in getting OUT of most of our debt and not taking on much more.  We did buy a truck a little over a year ago, but it was much needed after my hubby drove his car for more than 10 years.  Hopefully we’ll find a way to stretch some areas and/or eliminate others. 

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