Sunday, July 25, 2010

Selfless Sunday

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Yesterday was an entirely lazy day here at home.  Neither of us needed to be up early and we had gone on a date the night before.  I was still the first to crawl out of bed, so I went and made a fresh pot of coffee for my Sweetie.   He really appreciated it. 


K spent a few evening hours mowing grass and then washing and waxing the truck.  By the time we retreated to the bedroom for the night, he was complaining of having achy shoulders.  I massaged his shoulders for a good long while.  I know he appreciated it and it made me feel good to spoil him. 


An old friend/acquaintance was in the hospital this week.  I took some time to visit and wish him well.  I think those who are ill and especially those in the hospital appreciate when people take time to visit and wish them well. 


Another friend is vacationing this week and was looking for a small cooler to take along.  I just happened to have one she could borrow.  She said it was the perfect size and really appreciated it. 


Still another friend is on vacation (different friend this time).  I’m making sure that all the horses are cared for and that the barn is cleaned every day.  I’m also trying to desensitize her horse to being sprayed with the hose.  He’s such a chicken.  The few times I’ve seen her spray him he’s pretty much run circles around her.  I can’t stand it.  (my horse stands still and I don’t even have to hold her)  So I’ve been spraying him every day and insisting that he stand still.  He’s come a long way.  I can’t wait to show her the progress!  Honestly I think the horse actually enjoys the discipline. 


I need to be less lazy about selfless things… Have any ideas to share? 

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