Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesdays With Jen – My Memoirs

This past weekend I cleaned out a few things that were being stored in our back room in the basement.  I stumbled upon an old scrap book that had a few misc. items tucked inside.  The scrap book was from my senior year of high school.  There were pictures, 3newspaper clippings, and misc. keepsakes from my travels and activities back then. 


I was in the FFA.  I was a leader of my local chapter.  I received the DeKalb award, one of the highest awards afforded to high school FFA students.  It made the newspaper and the article said that I was planning to pursue Agriculture Education.  Really?  What?  I don’t even remember how that came about.  And why didn’t I pursue it?  I might have been a good one! 


I also found some pictures.  I don’t have them scanned yet, but I wish I did.  My best friend and I went to JCPenney and had our portraits taken together.  I wish you could see the outfits and the hair!!!!  This is early 90’s!!!  We look so young!


I found a letter from an old acquaintance that I worked with at the stable.  I have occasionally wondered what ever became of him.  His hometown was Harrisville, PA and if I remember correctly he wanted to become a vet, with equine interest.  I wonder if I can find him on Facebook?  Hmmm…


I found two love letters from a guy that I went on a couple dates with.  The funny thing is that I remember his first name and what he looked like, but not his last name.  He must have made quite an impression????  The letters were sweet but at this point in my life they make me laugh.  He wrote “every night before I go to sleep I pray that I will have a chance with you.”  Seriously?  Even funnier… I don’t even remember exchanging letters with this boy.  Sorry Pal. 


I didn’t even know this scrap book existed until I stumbled upon it.  It’s amazing the things we forget as time goes by. 

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