Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesdays With Jen – My Memoirs

Random things I remember from being a teenager:


  • Trips to Penn State main campus for FFA week
  • Loved my Penn State t-shirts from the above trip
  • Tie dyed t-shirt that I wore until it completely wore out
  • Every day on the way to my job at the stable (in the summer) I stopped at McCormick’s Market for a diet Pepsi and a brownie.  That was my usual lunch aside from the occasional Marburger Buttermilk with Doritos.  Mmmmmm…
  • I used to run
  • Riding my horse at least 6 days a week
  • I had a phone with gigantic buttons and it would click before it rang, so I could answer it without anyone else knowing that a call was coming in
  • Grandma made me breakfast every morning (school days)  It was either fried potatoes or grapefruit that she pealed and skinned. 
  • We used to ride by the pool to catch a glimpse of the lifeguards there. 
  • Dates with a few boys… some good some bad
  • Showing my horse at the Fair
  • Showing my lambs at the Farm Show
  • Working Saturday’s at Market

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