Monday, September 06, 2010

Vacation Recap and It’s just getting started!

I have to say, this has been one of the best vacations we’ve ever had.  Most of our vacations past were quick trips to visit family that we don’t get to see enough.  This being our 10 year anniversary week, we took off more than a week 9/2 thru 9/12.  We investigated the possibility of an exotic vacation, maybe an all inclusive in Cancun or something.  Don’t get me wrong, that would be nice, but it’s quite an expense.  We have a few aspirations for this time off and some we’ve already accomplished.


1) Hiking.  We not only went hiking.  We went Geocaching, several times.  We love it!  We will probably go again a few times this week.  I cannot even estimate how many miles my feet have traveled this week.  It’s been fun finding the little stashes.  We have scaled mountainous terrain, although from the perspective of someone who has never scaled a mountain… a great big hill feels like a mountain.  We climbed lots of hills, bush-wacked our way through weeds, crossed creeks, admired bodies of water, piles of rocks, and all sorts of wildlife.  We have taken notice of fish, birds, deer, and there were at least 3 snakes along my travels.  (none that I had to look face to face mind you)  We saw something that resembled bear poop in the woods of North Park… are there bear in that area?  A couple finds took us along established trails, which I never knew existed… or if I did, never had developed a need to explore.  Why is that?  It’s beautiful in the outdoors and this time of year is especially lovely!  I can’t wait to do more of this!

2) Horseback riding.  We had the most lovely ride yesterday.  It was a mid-morning ride, which I haven’t done for a long time.  The weather was super-comfortable and windy too, but she was a true gem. The fact that she was so well behaved was HUGE because it’s usually the wind that sets her off.  I’m so pleased with my pony these days.  Keith is doing a fine job riding as well.  He’s noticing more intricate details like the fact that the horse he was riding often shifts himself across the trail to prevent the horse behind from passing.  I’d love for him to have some riding lessons at some point.  At any rate, I think more riding could be in our near future!

3) Overnight stay away from home.  As luck would have it, our farm-friends were away for an overnight so we slept over at the farm so we could take care of the animals.  We had the dogs and the horses and of course the home is absolutely beautiful.  It was relaxing.  We shared pizza and a bottle of wine.  There were treats left for us too… dessert-like coffee cake oh so yummy and a jar of homemade sweet pickles, and a card with a gift-card in it for an anniversary gift.  We are so spoiled!!! 

4) Picnic.  Last evening we went to a picnic/bonfire at Renee & Lee’s house.  It was a grand time.  Of course there was a TON of food and the company was delightful.  What a perfect evening for a bonfire.  It was crisp and the fire was hot.  There was an elderly gentleman there playing the accordion.  Keith played some backyard baseball and came home proud with a wounded pinky from sliding into the base.  Many thanks to our friends for having a lovely little get-together.


So now that we are down to just shy of a whole week more, what else is on the agenda? 

  • Today is Mom’s Labor Day picnic.
  • We need to clean out the garage.
  • I’d still like to get our bikes out and fixed.
  • Fishing… when are we going fishing.
  • More hiking/geocaching and horseback riding.
  • Johnstown Flood museum.  (maybe some hiking at Ohiopyle while we are in that area.)

Who knows what else.  We just like not having to have a schedule.  This has been the most relaxing and fun vacation ever.  I think we should do this at least once a year!

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