Monday, August 30, 2010


I have been hiking a good bit the last couple of months.  Running is fine, but hiking is a much more exciting kind of exercise.  I’m really enjoying it.  I always was an outdoor type person anyway.  For my birthday, Keith bought me a GPS and hiking shoes.  He’s a gem!  I went out with my friend and her family yesterday at North Park.  I logged my first 4 cache finds.  I even logged them on 


This is an interesting activity.  I can’t say that any of the cache’s were overly exciting.  Maybe they were for the kids.  For me it was more about finding the destination, although it was neat to see what was left behind in the box.  After sharing about the experience with Keith last evening, we were trying to think of a trinket that we could leave  behind that is standard for us.  His idea:  monkeys from the Barrel of Monkey’s toy.  Interesting.  So if you followed us from cache to cache you could end up with a Barrel of Monkeys. LOL


I was surprised with the number of cache’s on the map.  They are everywhere, even less than a mile from home.  This activity may become a traditional part of our vacations.  There are cache’s all over the world.  Keith even wants to buy a ‘bug’ and give it a destination of Palm Springs, where he would then ask his sister to go find it.  Great idea.  We will see. 


My final thought before I wrap this up… last night I dreamed that we planted our own cache on our anniversary.  I have no idea where we put it, but it had a wedding theme of trinkets and a poem about our anniversary.  I cannot remember the poem.  Can you believe I was writing poetry in my sleep?  The trinkets were a bottle of bubbles, a candle, some of those wedding bands like you tie onto favors, and packets of daisy seeds representing my flowers.  WOW… this was a really cool idea.


Doesn’t it make YOU want to go geocaching?!  Check out to find cache’s near you and for more information about how it works.  

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Jemit said...

That sounds like so much fun! Wish I could do that..