Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Wednesdays C.O.W. “Coupon of Wisdom”

Random thoughts from my Bible Study of late…


By the power of the Holy Spirit, brought on by prayer, break free from the bondage that holds you captive!  We are slaves to sin.  Make efforts to train yourself to recognize the opportunities to overcome such obstacles.  Familiarize yourself with the Holy Spirit. 


Don’t just SAY a prayer, PRAY a prayer.  It’s great that we memorize prayers, especially as children.  It’s one way that we write the Word on our heart to recall in times of need.  The heartfelt meaning is frequently lost in simply reciting prayers.  Next time you recall a memorized prayer… give it some umph from the heart.   


Don’t just believe because someone told you so… Believe because the SPIRIT of the LIVING GOD told you so!  I don’t discount Biblical scholars and teachers, but if you are going to argue with me on something… there is only one source… the Bible… His Holy Word.


Thinking on generational blessings… I learned what humble is from my Grandmother.  I learned what discipline is from my father.  I learned about generosity from my mother.  I learned to PRAY from my Grampy.  Do you ever consider what generational blessing you are passing on to your children?  Imagine if we were cognizant of it? 


Some people just go through the motions of Christianity, never developing an actual RELATIONSHIP with Christ… How boring!  It’s way more exciting to be actively involved, interacting with Him. 

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Wendy said...

Those are all good points JJ! We dont allow our kids to "pray prayers" for that very reason...How would you like to have a conversation with someone that is always the same...However I do try to have them use the Lords Prayer as a guide for their own...I dont have a problem reciting that one either.