Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Date With My Niece

I was looking for a volunteer to hike with me on Saturday. Joyce was my happy hiking pal this week. I took two of her brothers geocaching a couple weeks back. This was her turn. We hit a couple in North Park. She hiked and sometimes ran out ahead of me, but eventually stopped to wait for her slower-moving Aunt. Thanks Joyce for not deserting me in the wilderness. :)

We saw a couple doe crossing the road on the way in. One ducked under the guardrail and the other jumped over it. That was odd.

She worked the GPS easily and found the cache's with a slight hint, but little difficulty. She found herself a neat sparkly wood chip to pocket and a Darth Vader thing that her brother's would enjoy. She carefully re-hid the containers each time and off we went on to another adventure.

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