Sunday, November 07, 2010

A Great Weekend Almost Over

IMG00330-20101107-0746Saturday started EARLY.  Up to feed the ponies at 4:30AM.  I love the sound of my Penny greeting me first thing in the morning.  It was well before the crack of dawn, early enough that eyes were blinking “bright lights bright lights” when I flicked them on.   They gulped down their grain in a fury and then with a flick of my wrist they burst out into the new day… frisky and feisty.  Loved it!  I took a video with my Blackberry but I can’t figure out how to upload it.  :(


So after chores it was off to work.  My office was hosting an educational symposium for medical professionals.  I needed to be there at 630AM.  It was a great success with a very good turnout. I left there promptly at 2pm.


Run back to the farm.  Let the doggies out.  Rush over to pick up Paul and Daniel for a play date.  This was their first time geocaching.  We hit the one at the Old Stone House first.  The instructions said to follow the North Country Trail.  We did not follow it the right way.  We completely missed the “this way” sign.  They wasted no time bush-wacking their way through the woods in the right direction.  Paul led us with the GPS.  I had to keep telling them to slow up and stick together or else they would lose their Aunt J.J. in the wilderness.  LOL  We overlooked it a number of times, but eventually found the treasure in a really neat spot.  They sat on a huge rock dissecting its contents and decided to take a couple little trinkets.  We left some trinkets too, and then set off to find another.  Unfortunately we did not find the others and we had not enough daylight time to do the puzzle cache in the area before dark.  The coolest thing my nephew ever said to me “Aunt J.J., when can we do this again?”  I’m looking forward to taking them again… and hopefully in the not so distant future.


I’m really proud of Paul.  We picked up a map at Jennings and he very successfully led us on a very nice hike.  We stopped a couple times to get the map out and assess which way we should go and he was the one that decided for us.  I’m impressed at his map-wise-ness.  We talked a little bit about the North Country Trail and I explained how to follow the “blue blazes.”  It was a great time!


This morning I was awakened at 4AM.  Tootsie, the big brown lab, jumped up on the bed, on top of the covers, on top of me.  She was straddling me and I was mummified.  I couldn’t move my arms.  She had me pinned.  She was breathing her doggie-breath in my face!  Ahhhhhhh!!!!!  I kept telling her “OFF!”  “OFF!”  It took a while but I finally broke free.  She just wanted to go outside.  Ugh! 


Here they are…  Riley on the left.  Tootsie on the right.  At that point I was UP, so I made a cup of tea and sat down on the couch with a blanket.  They were a constant audience.  Silly dogs!  A few hours later, the cat was at the front door, pining to be let in.  He had already been in.  HE wanted out before 4AM, so these little buggers had me up several times throughout the night.  I thought it would be cute to take a picture of Scampers begging to come in, but amazingly he looks like something right out of a cartoon!  I laughed out loud immediately.  This is too funny not to share!


And this was all just this morning.  We have dinner plans with our cousin for later this evening.  Should be fun.


Have a great weekend!!!!!

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