Monday, November 29, 2010

McConnell’s Mills: Sunday 11/28/10

The plan was to HIKE.  McConnell’s Mills would be the destination. Thought we’d zip down the PA turnpike and pick up I-79…. ohhhh not so fast!  A couple miles shy of the exit we hit TRAFFIC.  We were only traveling ONE exit!  It took us 40 minutes!  I was NOT happy.  By the time we got where we were going we had but ONE measly hour of daylight to hike.  None the less we made the most of our visit. 


Keith lookin all “Gangsta!”


Me wishin it was Hilton Head Island!

It was COLD… frigid… overcast… I was sad!  It was muddy.  It was slippery.  It was gloomy.  There were ICICLES!!!  Ugh. 


The water was raging and the rocks were amazing.  Some of the enormous rock piles we wondered what in the world held them up.  Surely they will eventually topple.  I love hiking at MM.  There is so much to take in.  I just wish we’d had more time. 


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