Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hartwood Acres

I’m blessed to live only a few miles from several parks. All of them have hiking trails.  Today I hit the trails at Hartwood Acres.


I didn’t have a hiking buddy today as nobody showed an interest and Keith was working.  He doesn’t like me to hit the wilderness alone, but I could not help myself today.  It was about 30 degrees outside… brrr!  The wind was wicked, but as long as I was in the woods it wasn’t that bad.  Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer.  Can’t wait to do this again!  I didn’t have a map.  Note to self:  print a map!  The nice thing about Allegheny County Parks is they have maps that you can access online and print for all the hiking trails.  I found a trail marked with blue blazes and decided I’d follow those.


Unsure of where that might take me, I also tried the red blazes for a bit.  Those led right to The Mansion.  That was cool. 


It’s such a beautiful building.  Of course there is the Celebration of Lights going on every night up there this time of year.  I had a sneak-peak of that, although there were only a few things lit mid-afternoon. 


After being out for at least an hour, I ventured my way back to the blue blazes and followed those past where I originally found them.  Back beyond the open dog run and down the road behind the theatre, I eventually found a posting of the trail map.  I followed trail #1 for a bit, then trail #2 where a biker called a “heads-up” that scared the bejeebers out of me!  Then back on the pavement and around the perimeter of the park… a two hour hike total, not bad, but my face was SO COLD for the last part of it. 


I need new hiking shoes/boots sometime in the near future.  My poor old tennis shoes have all but worn completely out. 


Trying to decide where to hike tomorrow.  Keith is off and we have a date… church, then lunch at Luca’s Bistro, and hiking.  YAY!!!

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