Monday, December 06, 2010

Blessings Monday

This morning I’m counting the blessing of gainful employment.  Let us not take for granted the fact that we have jobs and get regular paychecks.  For the past year Keith has been driving approximately an hour each way to and from his job.  Along that way he would spend $13/week in Turnpike tolls.  He drives a nice big 4x4 truck a good 200 miles/week and only a small portion of it was highway miles.  He was spending a mint on gas. 


As it goes he has undergone a change with his employment.  He is no longer the Assistant Manager at the Rochester store.  He is now a Team Leader at the Gibsonia store.  This all comes to fruition on our first real day of snow this winter!  His commute is a measly 3.25 miles from home.   Via Yahoo Map directions it should take him approximately 8 minutes each way.  He’s looking forward to working a regular 40 hour week instead of the 50+ hour week he’s been working for the past year.  I’m so delighted!  I will actually be able to see him more!  He was off at 10PM the other night and he was home by 10:15PM and I think he even took time to fuel up that night too.  Yay!!!!!


I’m happy to also be gainfully employed.  I’ve worked in the same office for going on 10 years now.  I have a fantastic boss, which I am very thankful for.  I think I make a fair wage.  I enjoy my job most of the time. 


We are so blessed to have jobs that are fairly secure.  We are better equipped to keep a budget than in years past.  That feels so good.  Thank you Lord for these blessings!

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