Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Tuesdays With Jen… My Memoirs

I walked into one of the upstairs bedrooms where Amanda was burning a candle.  I told her that her candles stink.  She said that my candles stink.  In sisterly fun we sparred… she kicked at me and I blocked it with my hand.  She broke my middle finger on my left hand!  “IIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!!” I screamed.  She got me some ice.  She was apologetic.  It hurt BAD!!!!  The next day I had it x-rayed.  Yes, it was broken.


She was really sorry to hurt me so badly.  She helped me many days with my farm-chores because she was ‘sorry.’ 


A few weeks later it was time to unload a wagon full of hay.  She helped until it was done.  Then she sat on a bale of hay and said “J.J. you’ve used up all your sorry.”  It was very funny… I don’t think she’s been in the barn much since!


What can I say???? I love her, but her candles STILL stink!!!!


The Zombeck's said...

Don't worry J... we all know that its your candles that really stink!!

Jthemilker said...

NO!!!!!!!!! (and I think maybe you are still just a weeeeeee bit sorry!)