Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

This is probably the longest holiday weekend we’ve ever had.  We celebrated our own little Vulhop-Christmas last evening.  Today we went to Rene’e’s house for her annual feast and festivities.  Tomorrow we are slated to celebrate with the Blair-family @ my parents home. 


Rene’e puts on quite a spread.  She cooked TWO turkeys and a ham plus the usual mashed potatoes, gravy, beans, stuffing, and then everyone brought more like cheesy potatoes, coleslaw, salad, and the like.  It was GRAND!  We stuffed ourselves!!!  YUMMA!!!  I wish I would have taken pictures of her tree.  It was really unique this year, and gorgeous as usual. 


Rene’e and Lee got me a Farmall A t-shirt and Keith got a hat.  We played the White-Elephant gift exchanged and scored an enormous plate of cookies, an eye mask, and a bucket of mojito mix (SCORE!).  We also got a tray of homemade cookies from Rhonda and some fudge too.  YUMMA!!!


It was nice to visit with extended family and to make ourselves useful in helping Rene’e in the barn.  It was great fun!  Now Keith’s off to a whopping 2-hour shift at work and then we’ll do it all over again tomorrow.   YAY!!!  Can’t wait to see the Blair kids!  

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