Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

It was Christmas Eve.  I had spent a few hours out with Mom doing some last minute shopping.  When I got home I wrapped my heart out until Wizzy got into a bag full of shopping bags and ended up scattering them throughout the spare room.  Silly cat!  I put together one of my most favorite gifts for Keith, something I knew he’d treasure.  As the clock ticked, I was getting more and more anxious for Christmas.  I baked a cheesecake and then proceeded to clean the living room and dining room.  I put a sparkly table cloth on the dining room table and moved the tree there where we could stash the gifts.  I turned down the lights, put on some Christmas music, and got out some Champagne.  Why not!?!? 


When Keith got home I insisted that he change into his jammies.  If we were going to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, we were going to do it in true style… in our jammies!  Next he popped the cork on the champagne and we had a Christmas toast. We took turns giving each other gifts, hugs, and kisses.  I got him cool jeans, shoes, a couple games, a movie, and two frames with very heartfelt pictures in them.  He got me pink fuzzy slippers (love love love), a necklace with a Cross that has chip diamonds in it.  (love love love some more)  He got me some stuff to make my own jewelry… something I had said I wanted to try.  He also got me the jewelry box I wanted.  I gets mounted on the wall, holds 9 photos on the cover, and is large enough for lots of jewelry.  YAY!!!  I LOVE IT!!!  I love ALL of it!!!!


I found cat-beds for cheap at Ross.  I was so delighted to have a gift for the kitties.  He played some games while I read the booklet that came with the jewelry stuff.  When I looked up, there was Crystal, curled up in Wizzy’s camo-bed.  Grrrr…. I got her the frilly pink bed.  Soon enough she was in her bed, with a little convincing from me.  It was too cute.  We, ourselves, eventually climbed into our own bed with thankful hearts for special moments with one another and the multitude of blessings on the day we celebrate our Lord’s birth.  I think every Christmas is a little bit better than the last for us. 


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Jemit said...

Crystal looks happy in her new pink bed.. look at that smile!