Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lingering Christmas Spirit 2010

Church was lovely this morning, pews even in the balcony full of the Body joyously praising God together.  The music ministry was awesome this morning.  Two solos sung by men whose sweet voices I could listen to all day long.  They sure are blessed.  It was also great to see the abundance of youth participating in the service today.  Reminders about the birth of Christ, Mary’s journey, and of Peace, Love and Joy. 


I’m disappointed that Keith had to work this afternoon, so missing the Blair family Christmas celebration.   The amount of food was overwhelming, yet delicious!  I ate too much, as is custom for such celebrations.  Wrapping paper flung to and fro as joyous children discovered new toys and treasures with squeals of excitement.  How fun.  The children retreated to the spare room to piece together puzzles of legos into spectacular masterpieces, while the adults (and Joyce – soon to be adult) played Apples to Apples in the living room.  We busted some serious gut over that game.  I honestly think that was the longest we’ve sat together as a family in a long long time.  It was great fun. 


I’m sad to feel the end of the holiday quickly approaching.  Tomorrow morning will come soon enough and it will be back to the grind for me.  For tonight, I shall turn-in with a thankful heart, appreciating so many blessings, and praising God for his perfect plan. 

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