Monday, December 27, 2010

A Meal Plan Is A Must

I realize that without a meal plan each week, we end up blowing our entertainment budget pretty quick.  We both realize it and agree that it’s an important area to focus on.  The Christmas smorgasbord is over.  It’s time to regroup.  I did some impromptu grocery shopping after work tonight.  I had no coupons, but most of what I bought were not coupon items anyway, and… I bought mostly store-brand items to score a 10% discount.


So, the meals we look forward to this week will include:

  • Chili (already in the pot)
  • Left-over chili over baked potato
  • Grilled ham & cheese on health-nut multi-grain bread
  • Salad – we have enough salad to have it every day
  • Pork with a side of rice and peas
  • Beef stir-fry

I’m thinking about making a quiche next week… Hmmm… something different.  Yumma. 

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