Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturdays Saving & Meal Plan

My week was a bust.  I got NOTHING.  I saved NOTHING except the pennies that I did not spend because I didn’t get to do my weekly sales run.  I lost the Rite Aid Up Rewards that expired this week.  Boo hoo.  Oh well.  We had a family matter to attend to and we were glad that we could drop everything and go on a dime like we did.  I have coupons from last week to clip and should be getting more tomorrow as well. 


So then what’s on tap for meals? Hmm…

  • Salad (hopefully what I left behind is still crisp and sweet)
  • Beef Stirfry with rice
  • BBQ Porkchop with mashed potatoes & veggie
  • Grilled Cheese w/ soup
  • Pancakes

What do I need to get?  Maybe a can of tomato soup and some milk.  That should do it.  YAY!!!!

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