Saturday, January 22, 2011

We Must Be Crazy


It was –5 degrees when we woke up this morning.  That’s NEGATIVE!  By afternoon the balmy high was a whopping 23 degrees.  We had some trackable Geocaching bugs that we brought south with us intending to plant them far from where we picked them up.  This afternoon’s adventures took us out to do just that. 


The first find was easy, but it was just a log, not even big enough to leave any kind of trinket.  It was really close though, so worth it to stop. 


The second was a TB Hotel stop, near a rather large highway.  We found it with great ease.  We left two of our trackables and picked up one to hitch-hike north with us. 


The third and fourth caches we never found.  We blame it on the snow.  It’s hard to find something hidden in the woods when it’s significantly snow covered.  I thought it would have been nice to have snowshoes for this trek!  (still dreaming) 


The photo above was taken after we succumbed to defeat at #3.  The walk around the lake was really nice, even in the cold.  The sun was shining and I was in the best company.  I cannot wait to return in warmer weather to try this one again!


Now the house is empty… all have gone their ways.  Keith is playing poker with his cousins.  Tammy has gone out with her girlfriends.  Mom & Jim have gone out having special dinner invitations.  Me… I chose to stay home alone.  I’m beat.  I’m in need of some quiet.  I’m actually enjoying the solitude for the moment.   The dog isn’t thrilled to be left with me (of all people), but we exist harmoniously alongside one another.  He does his thing.  I do mine.  Sipping hot tea, perusing Face Book, and updating my blog.  Ahhh… peacefulness. 

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Jemit said...

glad you got home safely.. Mom