Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tuesdays With Jen, My Memoirs

A few random thoughts about horses:


  • One time my horse fell in the mud.  I fell off of him as my feet came right out of my boots.  Wendy was sitting on the porch laughing about it.  I was more concerned with seeing that my horse was okay…  (more so than myself)
  • One time my horse ran away from home…further away than I could track.  Later that afternoon someone called and said they thought they might have my horse.  A few miles away I found him safe and sound.  The lady there had a horse named “Jeepers Creepers.” She rode with me most of the way home, showing me the way.  I ran into her at a ‘horsie party’ just before Christmas this year.  It’s a small world!
  • Another woman I recently ran into (at the same horsie party) said that her daughter (about 8yo at the time) clipped the for sale ad for my Magnium, slipped it into a homemade card that she gave her mother.  The card said “If you buy me Magnium, I will never ask for anything ever again.” Who knew?! How entirely sweet! 
  • The neighbor girl once admitted to me that she was jealous of my horse.  This is the same girl that pulled me off of the horse and left me hurt and stranded in a field until my Grandma found me and called an ambulance. 
  • Not long before Keith and I married, his sister was visiting and we took her to the stable.  He was going to impress her with his horseback riding knowledge.  Just before I gave him a leg-up onto Lacey, he said “This is how you do it.”  He swung him self up and over and kept on going.  He landed on his back, on the ground, with the saddle blanket between his legs.  Out of his mouth came “Ummm… this is NOT how you do it.”  We had a good laugh. 


Wendy said...

you certainly led a life full of adventure...that is for sure!

Jemit said...

those are GREAT memories!!