Sunday, February 06, 2011

2011 Hiking Commitment–Take 2


Yesterday Tammi and I covered the 2nd hike of our 2011 200 mile challenge.  Jill came along too.  We covered 4.75 miles.  Tammi parked at the trail-head on Christly Road and then Jill and I drove to the trail-head near the park-office on Old 422.  The Weggeston Trail is a 3-mile hike one-way with a 1.5 mile loop at the end.  (plus a lil’ back-tracking in the middle)


Rain, freezing rain, and snow were all part of the forecast for the day.  As it goes, we were blessed with mostly pleasant weather.  Yes it was cold, but we warmed up quick and easy. 


There were a couple good hills.  Some places smelled like gas.  There are natural gas wells in the area.  We ran into a guy heading the opposite way who had two dogs.  We stopped to pet the puppies, but the little beagle was skittish.  After heading on our way for a good ways more, the dogs came barreling through the woods.  The beagle was hot on the trail of who knows what.  The bigger dog circled around us and then headed back from where he came, but not on the trail.  We thought for a few minutes that maybe the guy had gotten hurt, so we back tracked a ways until we found footsteps in the snow headed up the road we had crossed… that were obviously not ours.  Satisfied that they must be that guys tracks, we headed back on our way.  A short while longer we heard him calling the beagle… whew!  Glad to know he wasn’t lying in the woods somewhere.  We made another mile and a half loop and at that we were finished.  It was a GREAT HIKE!


By evening, and again this morning, I am a wee bit sore.  My hips ache, but overall I still feel pretty good.  It’s just a reminder that it was a worthwhile hike.  Can’t wait to do it again! 


Add this to our previous hike and we are now at 6.75/200.  Only 193.25 more to go!

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