Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quick Weekend Jaunt


Keith and I set out for a quick hike today in search of some geocaches.  It was snowy.  The wind was blowing, but not too bad once we were under the cover of the woods.  I have to say that the terrain was a wee bit slippery because of the snow and ice, but we didn’t have much difficulty traveling. 


We hit the Rachel Carson Trail in Hampton Township.  We found two geocaches there.  One took some climbing down a hill and through some jaggers.  I cannot imagine trying to find this one mid-summer.  We made both finds in little time and hiked back to the car to motor on down to the next idea. 


There is a puzzle cache at the Hampton Township Community Center, but we decided we couldn’t put it all together today.  So we headed on down a little further to the Irma Knot Nature Area to look for the last one.  Unfortunately, after scaling the hillside and searching over and under just about every tree… we were NOT able to find it.  It’s just too snowy.  We’ll try that one another day.  The hiking in that valley is lovely.  There are bridges over streams, hills, and rocks, and wildlife. 


Overall, 2 out of 4 finds.  We talked about setting a goal to find a certain number of caches this year.  My hiking goal is with Tammi, because she and I cover miles.  When I hike with Keith, it’s usually shorter distances looking for treasures.  (although occasionally we’ll put in a good distance.) 


Any way you put it… it’s just good to be out exercising and enjoying each other’s company.  God’s creation has so much to offer!  I love it!

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Wendy said...

I'm so proud of you and a teensy bit jealous! I need to get moving more too! Keep it up!