Saturday, February 19, 2011

2011 Hiking Commitment–Take 3


We planned ahead to go for a hike and by the time the day arrived we had invited our husbands to come along as well.  I was annoyed because I had planned to be out of work early to get my chores done and hoped to have a few hours of daylight to put some miles in.  As it goes… I got out of work late.  I asked Janet to take care of the ponies for me.  We were able to pound out a good 2.25 and then ran out of daylight.  We met at Tammi & Rich’s house.  We circled through the woods on their family’s farm and then a ways down the road as well. 


Tammi made baked spaghetti and salad and had Zanella’s chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  It was a delightful visit with friends.  We watched some of the truck race and enjoyed the company for a while before we departed.  All in all… a great evening with fantastic company. 


I can’t wait to go again!

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