Monday, February 28, 2011

Blessings Monday


Last week was a particularly stressful.  Work stress was the brunt of it.  I’m so thankful to have a boss who’s got my back.  It all ended up swell.  I was all set to study for my certification exam this afternoon, but do you know what?  I’m just TIRED.  I’m all spent on regs at this point.  I’m glad our survey has passed and that we were deemed to have done a good job.  YAY!  There were many answered prayers this week!  I LOVE IT!!!


Keith’s schedule has been flip-flopped to overnights at a different store the last couple of weeks.  He doesn’t mind helping out where there is a need, but it’s weighing on his life.  His sleep schedule is all fussed up and he’s missing the routine of home-life spent with me.  I admire him for being able to accommodate the need of his employer.  I’ve reminded him that he’s making a good impression on some people by being the willing and available one.  I appreciate his dutiful making of a living to support us in our endeavors as a family.  I also appreciate the blessing of added shift-differential he’s getting while working nights. 


Albeit odd, sometimes the ability to stretch out diagonally across the bed at night is a blessing.  Not having to fight for a fair portion of blankets, pillows, and space can be a blessing.  I’d much rather be cuddling and snuggling, but I’m one that can find the good in all situations. 


Finally, we were blessed with the lovely company of the Zom’s for dinner tonight.  As is our custom, we enjoyed dinner and interesting conversation at Olive Garden.  YUM!


Thank you Lord for provisions, patience, peace, and good times.  This has been a busy and interesting week.  I’m blessed to know your presence every step of the way.

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