Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Better Than Expected…

Today started about the same as any other, except Keith was home and he was awake before I left for work.  I counted myself blessed to have a hug and a kiss from him before we departed ways.  Once I got to work the day seemed to fall apart fast.  One of the first tasks I started today was also one of the last.  There were many interruptions.  I feel as though tomorrow I will have to lock myself behind closed doors just to accomplish some things that are time sensitive.  (As if pretty much everything isn’t time sensitive in my office.) 


After work I got to the barn, just a little later than planned.  I missed the vet-call.  He was there for the ponies’ annual inoculations.  I skipped the blood-test again this year as I’m not planning on taking her to any shows or official organized rides.  I’ll just be riding around the farm and maybe a few local spots that we trailer out to on a whim.  Nothing where anyone checks for the test, so we should be good.  So Penny just got a few shots.  I presume she was well behaved as usual.  I’m glad that she should be safe from those particular ailments that target horses, especially since Janet does travel with her horse so there may be some exposure. 


After the chores were done, Janet and I took the dogs for a walk in the woods.  I SOOOOOO needed that!!!  I need MORE walks in the woods!  It was just about dark when we returned, so we timed it perfectly.  I kind of wish I would have had the GPS with me so I could see how far the loop is.  Maybe next time.  I’m just so delighted to have been out for a hike, even a little one.  The ground is soft on top but still hard underneath in most places.  Some area still had snow cover, where obviously the sun doesn’t shine as direct.  The ridge we walked along is beautiful in every season. 


So as I motored home I remembered that tonight is Bible Study night at church.  We are deep into Isaiah.  So even though I was a half-hour late, I stopped anyway and got a good hour of biblical intellectual discussion and direction.  SAWEET!!!!  I’m always grateful for the reflections of those in attendance and also for the prayerful hearts whom I know I can count on for prayer in need.  On my way out, I stopped and signed up for the Monday night women’s group again.  Am I stretching myself too far?  That’s THREE Bible Studies I’m in.  Hmmm… I figure I’ll get the material and attend when I’m able.  Sometimes Mondays are bad for me, but I’d rather be prepared to participate than to try to fit in after the fact.  Besides… this is another group of lovely ladies whom I can count on to surround me with prayer. 


I got home a short while ago.  Since then I’ve put some pork chops on the stove to slow-cook and a pot of scalloped potatoes in the oven.  I got the mail just to find that we are closer than ever to paying off my student loan and possibly one (or maybe two) additional bills that have been lingering.  YAY!!!!  I’m so excited!!!!  We very much want to buy our own home in the near future and we have some other aspirations as well…  so this feels really good to be a nice leap forward on such plans.  Of course… it’s not like we will buy a house tomorrow, but at least we have some forward motion.  YAY!!! 


So even though I was annoyed because Keith’s phone wasn’t functioning well earlier today.  Even though my work was stressful and boring.  Even though Keith forgot his lunch and his wallet.  (and was saved by someone other than me.  Thank you very much.)  This day has turned out a whole lot better than I had anticipated all along!   

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