Sunday, April 17, 2011

Camilla The Gorilla

We are trialing an addition to our mad-house.  This lil’ gal, affectionately called “Kitty” by her former owner has found our home to be adequate so far.  I was going to call her “Tripper” because that is why she is here… she tripped her former owner a few too many times.  I saw on her papers from the humane society that her given name is “Camilla.”  After seeing her reaction to Wizzy tasting her food last night… “Camilla the Gorilla” it is, although, I confess that I’ve been calling her “Lovey” because she just IS.  She loves all over me… SO affectionate.


Like most women, she is obsessed with  taking baths. 


She clips coupons with me.


She’s explored all the nooks and crannies, even behind the couch.  She’s been exploring mostly all afternoon.  Crystal is angry and Wizard is curious but still establishing boundaries.


She ‘thinks’ she’s white trash?!?!  She LOVES boxes and this one is just her size!


She’s perfectly content resting on the back of the couch… just like the other kitties do. 


And here she has taken up residence IN the trash can.  Thankfully, this is only paper trash!  Silly girl!  I gave her a bed with a nice soft blanket, but empty boxes and trash cans full of newspaper is what she desires.  Ugh!


So there she is… Consider yourself to have met her.  If you visit our household, she will offer a MUCH warmer welcome.  She’s already met the Zom’s and showed plenty of affection to them.  What can I say…  she’s a lover and if all goes well a keeper too! 

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