Saturday, April 02, 2011

SIX in ONE Day!

I was pining to hit the trails today.  With nobody jumping at the chance, my Sweetie finally succumbed to my desire.  He is so precious.  Just one hour is all I asked for.  You know, when we make the move to go caching, it’s never just an hour.  Usually we go for about four finds.  Today, SIX!!!  In the beginning it was snowing and raining at the same time.  We got pretty wet on our 2nd find.  I thought for sure that he would be done after that, but no… we kept on going.  All in North Park.  We have found the majority of the caches at North Park.  There are only a few left to find.  We walked a good long ways on the green dot trail today.  It was a little bit muddy, but a great hike.  Every time that I hike, my appreciation for trails and parks grows significantly.  And… I so love my Sweetie.  Smile



These are at Poot’s Loot cache in North Park.


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