Sunday, May 01, 2011

Gettysburg Trip

P1010966Wow – comparing the truck to the statue, you can really get the size perspective.


I had a work-related conference held in Gettysburg this past week.  Keith took a couple vacation days and joined me.  He did all the historical touristy type stuff while I was in my sessions.  He joined us for dinner and Ghost-tour with the group.    P1010974 

The last day Keith took me (and a friend of mine) to the tower, to Little Round Top, and to a memorial for his personal hero, Chamberlain.  WOW…  120 steps up and 120 steps down.  The tower is way up there and it was windy.  But the view was breathtaking.


Loved these really cool rocks. 

The Vulhops 4-29-11 Gettysburg


Loved these pictures my friend took of us!  Vulhops 4-29-11 Gettysburg

Vulhops 4-29-11 Gettysburg

Here is Chamberlain’s Memorial….

Another Loose Canon 4-29-11 Gettysburg

And here’s a loose cannon! HA!


We stopped at a winery on our way back and bought several bottles to share.  It was a great time and I even learned some stuff!

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